Mike Moloney, who coaches and guides our Junior curlers and also works with our Learn to Curl participants has received an Ontario Curling Association Volunteer Recognition Award for his work with our Juniors. Tom Sayer, LCC Club President, presented the award to Mike during our Registration Night festivities on Friday, September 13th.

“Our young curlers really enjoy working with Mike, almost as much as he enjoys helping them learn the game,” Sayer said. “He’s always positive and cheerful, and his energy keeps the youngsters involved, interested and keen. New members, and especially young people, are key to the future of our club, and are great fun to have on board.”

Lakefield CC’s Junior program received a great boost from the Lakefield and District Lions Clubs, with a commitment of funding for up to 32 young curlers for the next ten years. With this support, the club can rely on filling our Juniors’ roster, and with Mike’s coaching, we expect to have an influx of new curlers, and perhaps a future Ontario or Canadian champion in our midst.