Green, black, white – contemporary, or the classic look…   Chris Davies, our Social and Fundraising Director, has his couturier hat on and wants to put you into fresh new curling apparel this season.

Chris has set up a display at the club featuring shirts that are currently available, along with a price list, and he invites you to take a look next time you’re in. And, he does special orders – Chris had a request for a long-sleeved cotton crew neck, and yes, they are available at a cost of $21.99 + tax. Other items are available – just write down what you want and he will get them priced out.

But you need to move quickly! Put your orders, requests and suggestions on the list at the club no later than October 25.

More! Some of you have requested a more traditional jacket design. Chris is working with Imprinted Apparel on a 2nd Jacket Option similar to the older jacket style – let him know you might be interested; he should have a sample by mid-November.

Also, Chris wants to remind you that if you buy any other curling supplies at Imprinted Apparel, please remember to tell them you curl at the Lakefield Curling Club. The club gets an in-store credit, based on purchases by club members, that we apply to our purchases of club supplies.

Thanks for supporting the Club!