The LCC Board of Directors works quietly behind the scenes (most of the time!) making sure the facility functions well, our Leagues are supported, the Community knows we’re here, and the Club operates in financial good health. Nine Directors take responsibility for assigned mandates, and collectively the Board works toward strategic goals to ensure the long-term health and success of the Club.

However, we are currently operating with one Directorship open, and we want to hear from Members who would be prepared to join us, and take up a Communications and Publicity mandate.

Why would you do that?

  • Like all our Directors, and like all of the League Presidents, Draw Masters, Learn to Curl coaches, Junior Curler leaders, and all the other volunteers, you believe in putting back in. We all enjoy good curling, warm fellowship and great fun at the Club, thanks to our volunteers – and you understand that.
  • You may not have experience as a Director, but you’re comfortable working with a team of peers toward a collective goal.
  • You are interested in what’s going on in the Club, and can communicate to the membership about Board initiatives and Club activities through a Newsletter, email blasts and website posts. And you know the local Community well enough to get the word out about who we are and what we do.
  • You like to make a difference. And you have a few hours a month, mostly during the curling season, that you’re prepared to contribute.

Before you say yes or no, check it out. Call Tom Sayer, President and Chair, or call or talk in person to any of the Directors. Click on the link in the footer below for names and numbers.

Or if this is really not for you, give a thought to the people you curl with at the Club, your friends and acquaintances. Tell them you think they should look into it, and why you think so. Point them to this news post. Or suggest a name to one of the Directors.