What do LCC, Christmas and the Lakefield Food Bank have in common?

Right! Each year we support The Lakefield Food Bank with donations of non-perishable food and family items, and money, to help over 75 families in our area have a great Christmas season.

And we’re going to do it again this year.

The Lakefield Food Bank is a ministry of St. John the Baptist Church here in the Village.

“The non-perishable food and family items you donate (see the list below for the most-needed items) are made available to local families through our volunteer-supported facility at the church,” said Sandy Peacock, who leads the collection, “and the money LCC members donate, from now to December 10th, will go toward turkeys and extra fresh food items that are purchased by the Food Bank and made available for the Christmas season.”

Sandy estimates that 75 households in the Lakefield area will benefit from these Christmas food items.

Cathy Orr, a Club Member, has been involved in the effort here at LCC for the past several years. “Last year, we collected over 18 bags of groceries and over $100.00 in donations from our members,” she proudly confirmed, “and this year, we’d like to beat those numbers.”

Posters will be up in the Club with all the information members need, and a box for non-perishable goods will be placed in the main gathering area on November 15th.

Items Most Needed:

Peanut butter                                                     Rice

Pasta sauce                                                         Canned fruit

Mac & cheese                                                     Canned vegetables

Canned pork & beans                                     Pasta/spaghetti

Baby formula, diapers, baby food            Oatmeal

Canned soup, tuna and stew                       Cold cereal

Learn about the Lakefield Food Bank at http://www.stjohnslakefield.ca/index.php/what-we-do/lakefield-food-bank/item/50-lakefield-food-bank