We enjoy curling for the camaraderie, the sport, and, well, the fun of it all. And to protect all of that we need to be available and ready to respond appropriately to falls, possible injuries, and other potential health issues if and when they occur.

In order to do so, Board members have determined that we need trained members on the ice during each draw, and that means we need to increase the number of members trained in First Aid. By our current figuring, LCC needs 18-20 fully-trained members – recruited across all Leagues – to be reasonably sure at least one trained member will be on-site during our league games and bonspiels. More is better.

This is a call to action. We are working with St. John’s Ambulance to confirm February 1 for an accredited, day-long First Aid course to be held at the Club. We need your participation.

Curlers previously trained in CPR/AED may find that their certification has lapsed; the February 1 course will bring them up to date. And everyone who participates will also realize the comfort of knowing how to respond should family members, friends or neighbours need help due to an accident or health problem.

Call Ian Richardson at 416 460 0145 if you have questions, and to sign up.

Thanks from everyone at the Club.