Welcome! If you’re here, you’re considering joining Lakefield Curling Club. 

Everything you need to know about registering for curling is laid out below – types of membership, the league schedules, league and division info, and prices – and the registration form itself, which you can download at the bottom of this section.

League play started October 7, but a few openings may still be available in some leagues, and some leagues will be looking for spares to play throughout the season. We will also have room for second-half curlers starting in January, and will add a Novice League, especially for new and curlers who are returning to the sport, and a possible Wednesday Men’s Draw,  both dependent on new sign-ups. Check in with the contacts for any of the leagues you’re interested in at the League and Division Info link below.

If you’re new to curling, and want to learn about how to get started, we do offer a Learn to Curl program each Fall – click on the link below – that is currently underway with over 25 new adult curlers. And in case you missed it above, we also hope to offer a Novice League starting in January.

If you have questions or would like to talk with someone at the club, call us at 705 652-3205.

There are three types of participants at Lakefield Curling Club: Adult, Student, and Junior

Adult Members and Associates can choose to play One Game per Week, or select Unlimited play. Or if their time is limited, they can choose to Spare only, by purchasing 12 Session Coupons that are collected when the games are played.

Adults can also join as a Mixed Couple, and if both curlers purchase a lifetime Membership Certificate, they will enjoy a reduced annual price. Mixed Couples play once per week, and suitable leagues are offered for those who are Members on Tuesday through Friday.

New Adult curlers can participate in a special 8-week instructional Adult Learn to Curl program, by joining as Associates in the October-to-December session at a greatly reduced rate. In addition, new curlers can consider a Novice Curlers League during the second half of the season.

Full-time Students at Sir Sanford Fleming College and at Trent University join as Associates and are offered a discount. They can select One Game per Week or Unlimited play.

The first 32 Junior curlers who register will participate free for the year, thanks to sponsorship funds kindly donated by the Lakefield Area Lions Clubs. These Juniors will attend training sessions weekly throughout the season.

In addition to the training sessions, Juniors can sign up for one game per week, to be scheduled during ongoing League and session play, for a special low price.

There are two type of membership at LCC, Members and Associates. Members purchase a lifetime Membership Certificate, which helps to finance the long-term goals of the club, enjoy reduced annual prices for the Leagues/Programs that are offered. Members and Associates otherwise enjoy full use of all the facilities and access to all of the leagues/Programs. The cost of the certificate is generally recovered by the third year of membership.
Members and Associates can also purchase the use of a locker for the season, either alone, or shared with another curler.

Weekly League Schedule 2019-2020

Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday SENIOR MEN 8:15am & 10:30am LADIES DAY 1:00pm OPEN TEAM 6:15pm & 8:30pm
Tuesday LADIES DAY 9:00am TEAM ENTRY 12:45pm & 3:00pm DOUBLES 6:30pm
Wednesday MIXED – TBD DOUBLES – TBD MEN 6:30pm
Thursday LADIES DAY 9:00am LADIES DAY 1:00pm MIXED 6:30pm
Friday SENIOR MEN 8:15am & 10:30am MIXED 4:15pm MIXED 7:00pm
Sunday LEARN TO CURL 10:00am JUNIORS 1:00pm


Membership Prices 2019-2020

ADULT 1 game / week $398 $467
Unlimited $493 $562
Spare – 12 coupons $240 $240
MIXED COUPLE 1 game / week  (Tuesday – Friday) $690 $804
STUDENT 1 game / week NA $377
Unlimited NA $467
STUDENT 1 session / week (Individual / Family) NA $ –
1 game / week (League play) NA $120
ADULT LEARN TO CURL 8 week program $ 130
LOCKER RENTAL Private $ 30
Shared $ 15