Weekly League Schedule 2019-2020

Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday SENIOR MEN 8:15am & 10:30am LADIES DAY 1:00pm OPEN TEAM 6:15pm & 8:30pm
Tuesday LADIES DAY 9:00am TEAM ENTRY 12:45pm & 3:00pm DOUBLES 6:30pm
Wednesday MIXED – TBD DOUBLES – TBD MEN 6:30pm
Thursday LADIES DAY 9:00am LADIES DAY 1:00pm MIXED 6:30pm
Friday SENIOR MEN 8:15am & 10:30am MIXED 4:15pm MIXED 7:00pm
Sunday LEARN TO CURL 10:00am JUNIORS 1:00pm

Note that from January to March, the Sunday Morning 10:00 time slot may be used by the Novice Curlers’ League.