Here is an overview of our curling life for the foreseeable future. Some things may feel awkward or inconvenient, but we’re applying restrictions and following directives that are in place to keep you safe. We may be able to tweak things as time goes on, but we are asking for your full cooperation to follow these directions, and also to make things run as smoothly as possible:

  1. The club will open 30 minutes before each draw and close between draws.
  2. Only one draw is allowed in the club at any given time. The club must empty completely between draws and you cannot come early and wait in the clubhouse for your draw to start or stay late to watch the next draw. Wear an approved mask in the clubhouse at all times unless you are seated while having a drink.
  3. Arrive wearing your curling clothes and carrying your gear. The locker rooms will be available for storing your gear but not as change rooms.
  4. Leave outside footwear in the foyer. Go down the stairs from the foyer and hang coats and hats on the newly installed coat hooks in the lower hall. Sit on the physically distanced chairs while putting on your curling shoes. There are chairs in the hall and in the locker rooms.
  5. Proceed upstairs using the stairs by the locker room entrances. We are required to maintain physical distancing, and the lounge is tight for 32 people. Move away from the stairs to an area in the lounge designated for the ice you will be playing on – Ice A near the far wall, D closest to the stairs. (We may have to ask Ice A to wait downstairs before going on the ice until we get things fine-tuned.)
  6. When your game is over, put on your mask, and if the stairs are full, wait on the ice.
  7. If you are staying for a coffee/drink, go straight to the lounge. Otherwise go downstairs, get your coat, etc. and leave through the lobby staircase.
  8. There can only be 3 people in the lobby at a time, so put on your outside footwear quickly. When the lobby is full, wait along the lower hall at 2 meter intervals, just like checking out at the grocery store.
  9. Teams will buy their own drinks and one person per team will go to the bar at a time. We will be using only a debit tap system to pay for drinks.
  10. There are no restrictions on the number of people per table, but the tables must be 2 meters apart.
  11. You may remove your mask as long as you remain seated.
  12. Stand in front of the plexiglass screen at the bar in front of the cash register; it will help to protect the bar tenders.
  13. When finished socializing, go down the stairs at the ice entrance, pick up your coat and exit (Ref. 7 and 8 above).

These protocols may seem complex, but if everyone does their best to make them work, we’ll get used to them quickly. All this is a few minutes at the start and at the end of a draw – we get to curl for 2 hours.  The restrictions have required some changes to the traditional league times, so be sure to check your League/Program schedule on the website or in the Club. Contact your Division Executive/Draw Master if you have questions.

  1. The ice makers will latch the door open when the rink is ready; enter in order by the ice you are playing on; D first, then C, then B, A last.
  2. No practicing before the game.
  3. No handshakes before or after the game.
  4. Wearing your mask on the ice is optional except for those officially exempted from vaccination.
  5. Each team will designate a player to wipe the handles of all 8 rocks with the disinfectant wipes provided; from that point on all players will only touch their own rocks.
  6. Club brooms, sticks and stabilizers will be available; players using them will be responsible to disinfect the equipment before use, using the wipes provided.
  7. Only one player may use any given piece of equipment during the game.
  8. No water dispensers or facial tissues will be available in the club.
  9. Use a player’s own coin for the “last rock” coin toss; only the owner to touch the coin.
  10. Designate one player to keep score for both teams; and ensure that only that player hangs the score.
  11. Sheets A and C will begin by throwing towards the glass, B and D toward the scoreboard.
  12. Stand according to the positioning in “The General Rules of Curling”. Travel up and down on the west side of the sheets (right when facing the scoreboard) and stand on the west side when not sweeping or delivering a stone
  13. The usual Lakefield Curling Club “Rules for Playing with the Clock” apply.
  1. Staff will thoroughly clean the Club every morning before the first draw.
  2. High frequency touch points will be cleaned mid-afternoon
  3. Bartenders will wipe down tables after every draw.

Make it easy for the staff and volunteers to get these tasks done.

It may take a few draws for all these protocols to become second nature and not distract from the enjoyment of the game – clubs that opened last year have learned this to be the case. A little common sense will go a long way. If you are more comfortable wearing your mask on the ice, go ahead. If  a teammate is uncomfortable with 2 person sweeping, agree to sweep alternate stones without making it a big deal. This isn’t the Briar or the Hearts – we want to make the best of the situation and for everyone to have a good time.

Check these instructions for changes before you leave for your first game. See you on the ice!