Learn to Curl

Eight Sunday-morning sessions to start you out in curling, or brush you up if you’ve been away from the sport.

Sunday @ 10:00am

from October to December

Want to curl but don’t know how? Haven’t played for a while and want to get back into the game? Each year, from mid-October to mid-December, the Lakefield Curling Club offers a Learn to Curl program for adult entry-level curlers.  

Club members who are good curlers, and also great teachers and coaches, lead the Learn to Curl program. Eight two-hour sessions, held on Sunday mornings, from October to December, consist of both classroom and on-ice instruction, following the Discover Curling Program developed by Curling Canada, and expanded by a valuable mix of additional, proven curling instructional material.

Learn to Curl participants receive a course learner’s guide and numerous printed handouts, and will have the use of club brooms, grippers, sliders and stabilizers, and full use of Club rooms. To encourage participants to put their expanding skills into practice, students are allowed to spare during November & December in any of the leagues within the rules of the Club Spare Policy.

Each year, the Learn to Curl program introduces the game of curling to approximately thirty new participants. Typically, a large majority of these students continue curling after the Christmas break, purchasing ‘second half’ memberships and playing in the Novice League. This allows new curlers to play with new friends and try out all positions, and/or one or more of the ongoing leagues – Wednesday Night Men’s; Ladies’ Daytime; Mixed; and/or Senior Men’s Leagues – eventually becoming long-term members of LCC. 

Of course, those new curlers who want to jump right in can register for any of the existing Leagues, with or without attending the Learn to Curl Program.

John Humphrey 


Novice Curlers League

Relaxed tag-draw sessions for recent Learn to Curl graduates. Get into the swing of competition and try out all four positions.

Sunday @ 10:00am

from January to March

The Novice League is for graduates from the most recent three years of the Adult Learn to Curl Program. Curlers in the League play in a relaxed environment with other curlers at a similar skills level. They will have an opportunity to play all positions on the team, and to practice shots that leads or seconds would not normally throw, with instructors present to help.

The League plays on Sunday mornings, from January to March, and uses a tag draw, with new teams made up each week from those in attendance. 

As is true with all leagues, the Novice League requires a minimum number of registrants to operate, and this depends on the Learn to Curl program having enough registrants to make it feasible. Therefore, the program will be confirmed once registered players are tallied. 

That said, the club has welcomed a very good number of Learn to Curl participants in the past three years, and we are anticipating a good intake for 2019-2020. And with these numbers, the Board is also considering initiating an evening league, if there is interest and ice time is available.

Tom Sayer


Junior Curlers

Free curling for up to 32 junior curlers, aged 6 to 16. Instruction, coaching, fun, and competition: equipment included.

Sunday @ 1:00pm

In November 2018, the Lions Clubs of Lakefield generously funded a Junior Curlers program at Lakefield Curling Club, to enable free curling for up to 32 Junior Curlers each year for ten years. The program is a wonderful learning experience, designed to introduce young people in Lakefield and district to the game of curling, thereby providing years of enjoyment in the sport here in Lakefield, or wherever our young curlers roam.

The Junior program starts in mid-October and continues until early March. Sessions are scheduled on Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30, for young people aged 6 to 16. Our instructors and our club rules require that all participants wear suitable head protection, and training in safety on the ice and off begins on day 1 of the program.

While safety is paramount, curling is a game, and our instructors make sure it’s fun. The program features a Little Rock program for kids aged 6-9, expertly delivered by Nicole Archibald.  Juniors 10 and older are taught the fundamentals by Jennifer and Patrick Croome. More experienced Junior Curlers are divided into teams and given fine tuning tips by Mike Moloney. And competitive curlers will be given the opportunity to apply their new skills once a week when games can be arranged with the Leagues’ Drawmasters. 

The Club will provide all of the equipment the Juniors will need, and parents/guardians will be asked to provide a snack for all of the kids once during the season.

Mike Moloney


Senior Men’s League

A daytime social league for all men 55 and older. New curlers welcome.

 Monday & Friday @ 8:00am & Noon

The Senior Men’s League is open to all men 55 years or older and is a social league that offers experienced and newer curlers the opportunity to enjoy the sport of curling. The League operates twice-daily draws at 8:00 am and Noon on Monday and Friday mornings. Curlers have the option to register for either the Monday session, the Friday session, or both.

The League welcomes new curlers, and if you are considering joining our League we also recommend the Adult Learn to Curl program, an eight-session program held early in the Fall-Winter season. Learn to Curl offers new curlers the opportunity to learn curling techniques, rules and etiquette, so you can get the best out of your league play.

The league uses a two-draw season: 

The first draw, October to December, is a team-based draw. During a Skips’ session at the beginning of the season, curlers are placed on a team for each of the Monday and Friday draws, and play on a different team for each of the sessions for which they are registered. Points are awarded on a game-by-game basis to determine which teams participate in the playoffs in December. 

Curlers who wish to participate in the October-to-December session, but are unable to make a full commitment, are invited to register as a 12-session Spare, and join in when you can.

The second draw, January to April, is a ‘tag’ draw. The tag draw, being much more flexible, is used to accommodate those who travel during the winter but want to curl when they are home. Players are assigned alternating draw times (8:00 or Noon) and upon arrival at the club, place their name tag in position container. Teams are made up from those in attendance, and curlers play with that team for that session. As a bonus, the system allows curlers to play with different curlers each draw. 

Each curler accumulates points, on a game-by-game basis, to determine which players participate in the yearend playoffs in March. 

In addition, many of the Senior Men curlers play in interclub “friendlies” and/or competitions, and form Lakefield teams for competitive bonspiels, although under Public Health regulations, these will not be able to proceed until the COVID conditions have improved.

The Club will provide all of the equipment the Juniors will need, and parents/guardians will be asked to provide a snack for all of the kids once during the season.

Fred Hall



An open team-entry league for men’s, ladies’ and mixed teams.

Wednesday @ 10:30 am & 2:30 pm

The popular Senior Team League is back for another expansive year, and we’ve moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. Having grown to 18 teams in 2019, we are anticipating as many as 20 teams this year. “Senior Team” is an open team entry league featuring men’s, ladies’ and mixed teams, and is a great league for curlers who like to curl with a set team throughout the season.

In 2019, Senior Team was comprised of nine teams in each of the A and B Divisions, with playoffs in March. A similar approach is planned for 2021-2022 season, and will accommodate a maximum 20 teams, albeit with byes to enable the full complement of players. 

Senior Team is a very friendly league, with lots of camaraderie, lots of socializing and some great curling.

Fred Hall


Doubles League

A new, growing form of curling, two to a team and five rocks to be delivered.

Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Doubles Curling is a recent phenomenon in the curling world, and has been growing rapidly here at Lakefield. Our Doubles League is a Team Entry format, comprising two players, preferably one male player and one female player, playing together for the full season.

Doubles features modified curling rules, including rocks in play at the start of each end, and only five rocks thrown per team per end. This allows for shorter game times compared to conventional curling. 

The League welcomes all skill levels, and games are played on Tuesday evenings.  Currently there is one Division with one draw starting at 6:30pm. However, with rising interest and a greater number of teams registering for the current League, a second draw can be organized, with the first draw starting at 6:15pm and the second draw at 8:00pm. And if there is enough interest, a second Doubles League can be started with games being played in one of the few open slots in the Club Draw Calendar.

Joe/Linda Kapron


Mens Wednesday Night

Competitive but friendly. Play with a lot of our men curlers, and improve your game in a hurry – new curlers welcome!

Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Men’s Wednesday Night League is open to all male members and associates.  You sign up as an individual and the Draw Master will place you on a team. 

There are 3-4 draws a year and so you have the opportunity to meet and curl with a good number of our club’s men curlers. In the last draw the teams are chosen through a drafting process and those teams then play off for bragging rights as the Club Men’s Champion

In the past few years there has been a single 6:30 pm draw. Both new and returning male curlers are encouraged to join this league. The competition is competitive but lighthearted and existing members are always willing to share information about the game with new members. It’s a great league for newer members who want to learn the game at a quick pace.



Open Team Entry

Form your own team – men and women – and enjoy relaxed competition.

Monday @ 6:30 pm

The Open Team Entry league provides the opportunity to form your own team and curl in a relaxed atmosphere against teams of varied skill levels. 

Teams can be composed of any combination of men and women. 

Teams are placed in one of two divisions. Game times are Monday evenings at 6:15pm and 8:30pm, with teams alternating these time slots each week.

There are three draws throughout the curling season, and teams may be moved up or down a division for the subsequent draw, based on total points earned within their division during each draw. 

All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, and a modified double-knockout playoff for each division determines the division champions for the year.



Daytime Ladies

Active, fun and social, with in-club and inter-club events throughout the year.


Tuesday @ 9:00am or 1:00pm

Thursday @ 9:00am or 1:00pm


Tuesday & Tuesday @ 9:00am

Tuesday & Thursday @ 1:00pm

The Daytime Ladies Division is a very active league, and provides great support for the whole club. This is a fun and sociable league and its games are typically very friendly. Over 70 curlers are active in the league, and play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings or on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

The Games and Membership volunteer organizes four separate draws for each group every season, and so Day Ladies play on four different teams each year. There is a winner for each draw, morning and afternoon, with money prizes given out at the final closing banquet in April.

Day Ladies curlers also have the opportunity to play in some additional events. For many years, Day Ladies have played four “Leads and Seconds” interclub games with three other local clubs, in which leads and seconds play all four positions on each team. And each year, the fourth “Leads and Seconds” game is a bonspiel. 

The Ladies also play interclub bonspiels throughout the season with nine other clubs in the region. The Last Fling Bonspiel, which is hosted at LCC every year at the end of March, is always very well attended by other clubs and raises money for our league and therefore for the club as well. We hope that COVID restrictions will be eased by that time, so that the bonspiel(s) can proceed as in previous years.

Most members participate in fundraising activities each week, managed by the Ways and Means volunteer. Prizes are given out each week, and the program helps raise money for the Day Ladies’ activities, and also for the club.

In-Club events are curtailed under the current COVID regulations. In previous years, under normal conditions, Social Volunteers would organize and schedule kitchen volunteers who make meals for many men’s and women’s bonspiels and other club events possible. This consistently allowed the Ladies to donate money to the club in addition to their levy each year.

And in previous years, the Day Ladies have held an opening pot luck dinner in September. Every Christmas, its two groups gathered together for a fun Christmas party and games. And each year they have held a closing banquet in April and a mid-summer pot luck at a volunteer’s house. These all have given the Ladies a chance to enjoy the morning and afternoon groups together, and we look forward to restarting these fun events whenever COVID restrictions allow.

Jan Herald


Wednesday Mixed Draw

Please go to Thursday-Friday Mixed Draw Leagues.

Tom Sayer


Thursday-Friday Mixed Draw

A fun, social league for men and women, scheduled for curlers who are busy during the day. New curlers welcome!

Thursday @6:30pm

Friday @ 3:00pm & 7:00pm

The Mixed Division consists of a Thursday Evening League, a Friday League now scheduled for 3:00pm, and a Friday Evening League now scheduled for 7:00pm, and welcomes women and men – partners and singles. The timing of draws each evening are designed to accommodate players who work or are otherwise busy during the day. In addition, a Wednesday draw will be confirmed if enough curlers register.

The Division believes in friendly competition – all of the leagues keep score during the games. However, the Evening Leagues keep a running tally of wins and losses by each team for each draw – while there are no big prizes at the end of the season, bragging rights are important.  

The Evening Leagues plan four draws each season (two from October to December and two from January to March), and the now-3:00 League plans two – one in each half-season. The final start times for the Evening Leagues will be finalized once the number of curlers registered is known, and when one or two draws are confirmed. Times will be confirmed to participants as soon as possible after registration is known.

Teams are drawn up by each league’s draw master who works to balance the teams while accommodating reasonable requests, such as spouses/partners who wish to curl together (or not!),  and arranging that players curl on different teams in each new draw.

The Division is characterized by its camaraderie.  It has many levels of curlers: new curlers, many of them graduates from the club’s Adult Learn to Curl Program; novice curlers; and experienced curlers. The new curlers learn skills, rules, strategies, and etiquette from their teammates in a caring and friendly environment.  Novice and experienced curlers hone their skills, practice strategies, and the more experienced are happy to mentor the newer curlers.

In past year, in addition to the weekly schedule, the Mixed Division has hosted a number of events throughout the season, listed below. However, under current COVID restrictions, these events have not been scheduled for the 2021-2022 season.

  1. Christmas Social (for division members)
  2. Coyle’s Tire & Auto Service Ltd. Bonspiel (Invitational) – March
  3. Annual Meeting and Dinner (for division members) – April
  4. Spring Golf Tournament (For club members, family, and friends)

After the game, there’s lots of laughter and chatter in the lounge while enjoying a refreshment or two.  One might even hear someone say, “Yeah! I, actually, made the shot that was called!”

Hannele Hobb